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Software Engineer

Design and build software and APIs that enable internal and external access to AI systems.
Menlo Park, California, United States
1 year ago

✨ About The Role

At Diffuse Bio we’re building generative AI for protein therapeutics. Our team has been behind breakthroughs in AI protein design for the past 6 years, including the first experimental validation of AI-generated proteins and diffusion models for protein structure and sequence. We’ve built the first entirely AI computational nanobody design platform and are testing designs in lab now.

Our goal is to build AI systems that can design protein therapeutics for the most challenging and high-value targets. We see enormous potential for AI to revolutionize drug discovery and expand the set of diseases we can treat.

We are looking for candidates who are excited about the opportunity to join the founding team and play an expanding role in the company.

The role:

  • Design, build, and iterate on research infrastructure in close collaboration with research engineers.
  • Build tools to automate and maintain computing clusters and data parsing pipelines.
  • Design and build software and APIs that enable internal and external access to our AI systems.

Ideal background:

  • Adaptability and openness to work on multiple problem areas (e.g. data processing pipelines, front-end software development).
  • Fast learner with a broad understanding of infrastructure, front-end, databases, CI, etc.
  • Bachelors or Graduate Degree in Computer Science, or a related field (not a hard requirement for an exceptional candidate).
  • Strong track record in programming (industry experience, internships, competitions, open-source projects).
  • Proficient in Python and C++.
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (e.g., GCP).
  • Data science or engineering experience (e.g. ML engineer, data infrastructure engineer).
  • Is located in the Bay Area (remote work is an option for exceptional candidates).


  • Experience with Kubernetes or other cluster management platforms.
  • Front-end experience and proficient in HTML/CSS/Javascript, React, etc.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to join the founding team and play a critical and expanding role in shaping the company.
  • The opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI with leading researchers with an application and productization focus.
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Software Engineer
Menlo Park, California, United States
About Diffuse Bio
Generative AI for protein therapeutics