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Solutions Engineer - Remote Eligible

Develop new tools with the product team to handle larger capacities efficiently.
2 months ago

✨ About The Role

- The Solutions Engineer II will bridge the gap between sales and technical teams, understanding customer needs and designing tailored solutions. - Responsibilities include assisting sales teams with technical questions, guiding customers through the setup process, and managing multiple projects to ensure timely implementation. - The role involves collaborating with product managers and technical teams to support successful integration and implementation of solutions. - Solutions Engineer II will maintain customer relationships, collect data for product improvement, and ensure customers go live in a timely manner. - The position requires a blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and effective communication to provide valuable insights and support the sales process.

⚡ Requirements

- Bachelor’s Degree with 3+ years of related experience, preferably with coding experience in languages like Ruby, Python, Java, Node.js, or PHP - Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously - Excellent communication skills with the capability to tailor technical communication to different levels of customer understanding - Customer-facing experience with a customer-first attitude and a sense of urgency to drive customer progress - Willingness to adapt to an evolving work environment and collaborate effectively with multiple internal teams
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Solutions Engineer - Remote Eligible
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