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AI Engineer - Remote Eligible

Lead the development and fine-tuning of Large Language Models for the storytelling platform.
Los Angeles, California, United States
$80k - $180k USD per year
2 years ago

✨ About The Role

AI Engineer Specializing in LLM (Large Language Models) at Heroic Story

The Mission πŸ˜»πŸš€

We've made Realm Chef, an AI tool for romance and fantasy novel writers. Think of it as a helper for those who publish series online. Writing has changed a lotβ€”from pens to computers and now with AI. We want to make writing easier and help authors earn more. With Realm Chef, writers get an AI buddy to help them create better stories faster.

Join us to make storytelling even more amazing.

The role ⛑️

Position : AI Engineer, Specializing in Large Language Models (LLMs)

Domains : Technology, Storytelling, Creator Economy

Why Join Us

Storytelling at Our Core : At Heroic Story, narratives aren't an afterthought; they're central to our mission. We're not just on the lookout for an ML engineer. We seek someone who balances a profound passion for storytelling with their technical prowess. Maybe your evenings are spent posting on writing forums or crafting dialogues for your JRPG project, while your days are dominated by machine learning. We're enthusiastic about discovering someone with this exceptional blend.

Champion Creativity : Dive into a world where AI technology not only supports but also elevates creativity, offering a fresh dimension to storytelling.

Unlock Creator Wealth : Engage in crafting solutions that directly address and solve the challenges creators face today, ensuring they thrive.

Journey Over Destination : Flourish in a culture that celebrates growth, resilience, and the relentless chase for excellence.


  • AI Model Design & Fine-Tuning : Lead the development and fine-tuning of Large Language Models that power our storytelling platform.
  • Strategic Alignment : Collaborate with leadership to align our AI capabilities with organizational objectives.
  • Implementation & Productization : Ship algorithms and technologies that contribute to an LLM-powered production-ready app for a fast-growing community of paying customers.

Your Pioneering Feats 🎯

  1. Intuitive Companion : Embark on a quest to transform our AI into an intuitive ally β€” a pioneering co-author and librarian that amplifies every writer's voice. Through this feat, you're paving the way for all storytellers to share their unique tales with the world.
  2. Precision Librarian : Dive deep into the realms of synthetic data, overhauling our embeddings model and molding the AI into an unmatched research librarian. With your guidance, the AI will offer laser-focused, context-rich suggestions, showcasing your unparalleled talent in merging data science with narrative finesse.
  3. Narrative Goldmine : Channel cutting-edge market analytics and predictive trends to steer writers towards crafting enchanting tales that don't just resonate but also reign supreme in the marketplace. Your visionary approach ensures a harmonious marriage of artistic brilliance and commercial success.

Your First 60 Days πŸ›‘οΈ

We’ll let the specifics unfold naturally β€” over a cup of elixir (or coffee), perhaps? πŸ˜‰

You'll chat with our leaders Jay and Scott Rosenkrantz , seasoned co-founders with experience that spans VR games to virtual influencers, gaming, film, and television. With the backing of industry giants like the co-founders of Twitch and Kabam, we're set for an epic journey.

How to Apply

  • Submit your LinkedIn profile or CV
  • Share code samples or GitHub repositories
  • Craft a Tale : Partner with an AI tool of your choice to co-write a story of anywhere from 50 - 250 words. Shine a spotlight on your passion for storytelling and uplifting creators. Optionally, weave in a moment from your career where professional growth harmonized with your personal journey.

We're on the lookout for a special hero to join our adventure. Our application is designed to celebrate the heart in your story and the craftsmanship in your code. We're eager to see the spark of originality, the depth of your insights, and the passion that has shaped your journey.

Required Skills: Your Professional Toolkit πŸ› οΈ

  • Deep understanding of machine learning architectures, particularly in natural language processing.
  • Foundational data science skills for dataset creation and model training.
  • Expertise in data preprocessing, including train-validation split and data normalization.
  • Ability to fine-tune LLMs using both standard and advanced techniques like LoRA.
  • Proficiency in Python, Jupyter Notebook, Git, Docker, Keras, and PyTorch.
  • Bonus: Experience with C++.
  • Bonus: Previous work with LlamaIndex, LangChain, or similar LLM platforms.

Qualities We Value

  • Intelligent Override : The capacity to interpret data and make informed, challenging decisions.
  • Growth Mindset : A lifelong dedication to personal and professional growth.
  • Winning Attitude : A focus on the journey, embracing challenges as stepping stones towards excellence.

If you're ready to contribute to a team that values the journey as much as the destination, that prizes a winning mindset and is committed to continuous growth, we invite you to apply.

Begin your Heroic Story with us today. 😊

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AI Engineer - Remote Eligible
Los Angeles, California, United States
$80k - $180k USD per year
About Heroic Story
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