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Full-stack Engineer

Build visually appealing and intuitively usable frontend interfaces for nsave's banking products.
London, England, United Kingdom
$60K - $110K USD per year
8 months ago


Offshore accounts for people in distressed economies.

✨ About The Role

👋 Hi, we are nsave! Let us introduce ourselves...

Have you ever wondered whether you can access your money which you have in your checking or savings bank account? Or whether that money will lose 90% of its value within a single year? This is the reality people in Lebanon, Egypt, Argentina, and Turkey have faced in the past few years (and some continue to face). If only they had easy access to banking products located in safer economies where they can hold USD/EUR/GBP, millions would avoid these losses.

💻 That's what nsave is doing. We help people from such places save USD/EUR/GBP in Switzerland without requiring them to deposit millions or physically be present in Switzerland. Users can open a nsave account with a smartphone and a passport, and start using it to keep their savings. We are building a product that well balances delightful user experience, compliance with regulations, and reliable engineering infrastructure.

We are backed by Y Combinator and raised our seed-round shortly after from a number of prominent VCs and angel investors, and we are looking to expand our small but mighty team in London.

What we're looking for

As a full stack developer with a frontend focus for nsave, you’ll play a huge role in shaping everything that our users see and interact with. While you will contribute across the stack, your highest priority will be building a visually appealing and intuitively usable frontend. Your attention to detail and ability to execute quickly are essential here. Your collaborative work with our designer and backend team will ensure our services are user-centric and seamless.

We expect you to have ownership over significant parts of the stack, and to be a leader on your own. It is your responsibility to get the help you need, and put in motion the projects you deem necessary.

We are looking for people who are not afraid to dive into things head-first.


🎨 Design and Develop : Build visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces based on the designs. We expect the highest quality and the best UX for our products. You will be responsible for ensuring bot the UI and the API are built to cater for that.

🛠 Tech Stack Management : Using React Native and interacting with the backend built on Typescript, create and optimize functionalities that uplift user engagement and satisfaction.

🔄 Integration : Work closely with the backend team to ensure smooth integration of frontend with backend services. You need to either implement this yourself or get the necessary help from the rest of the team.

🚀 Prioritisation : Actively engage in our agile development process, responding quickly to new requirements and changing priorities. Be prepared to learn on the go and adapt to the dynamic nature of a fintech startup.


Frontend Excellence : You should be able to build any UI or experience provided by our design team in a responsive and timely manner.

Backend Familiarity : Knowledge of backend technologies (Node.js) and the ability to write some backend code.

User-Centric Mindset : A strong inclination towards UX/UI design principles and crafting solutions that solve user problems elegantly and efficiently.

Adaptability : Comfortable in a fast-paced environment, with the ability to pivot and adapt to changing business needs and technology landscapes.


In addition to the technical evaluation as part of the hiring process, we care about hiring candidates who fit into our values. This means that we will look for signs that you align well with these values as part of hiring.

We are

  • Respectful
    • We are thoughtful and respectful to teammates and users. We earn respect and we give respect. When we disagree, we critique ideas not people.
  • Innovative
    • We are problem solvers. We are creative, curious, and are not afraid to fail.
  • Communicative
    • We over communicate. We make sure to facilitate access to information and give true, candour, and constructive feedback.
  • Inclusive
    • We do not discriminate.
  • Proud of our work
    • We are proud of our impact. We are proud of our personal effort and work.
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Full-stack Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
$60K - $110K USD per year
About nsave
Offshore accounts for people in distressed economies.