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Staff Backend Platform Engineer - Remote Eligible

Lead architectural changes with company-wide impact.
3 months ago

✨ About The Role

- Lead and participate in technical discussions to propose architectural changes with company-wide impact - Develop pipelines for efficient delivery of production features, ensuring timeliness and safety - Implement logging, monitoring, and observability features for cloud-based products and services - Play a key role in crafting and executing incident response processes following industry standards - Contribute to design discussions advocating for SRE principles and ensuring production-quality code delivery

⚡ Requirements

- Experienced in designing, building, and deploying backend services at scale with a focus on system architecture and reliability - Proficient in TypeScript or JavaScript and experienced with Terraform and Kubernetes - Skilled in monitoring principles, alerting techniques, and infrastructure as code concepts - Strong problem-solving skills with a proactive attitude towards issue resolution - Emphasis on rapid and effective delivery, iterative improvement, and documentation practices
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Staff Backend Platform Engineer - Remote Eligible
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