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Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer (Full Time, Canada) - Remote Eligible

Automate deployment pipelines to enhance efficiency and reliability of the product.
1 week ago

✨ About The Role

- Responsible for maintaining product uptime, making environment patches, and adjusting deployment pipelines - Collaborating with the engineering team and providing coverage for specific time zones - Investigating downtime, ensuring system security, and assisting in promoting new releases - Being on-call as needed and working on automating and improving development processes - Required to ramp up on product deployment, trace data flow, and work on triaging and fixing platform issues

⚡ Requirements

- Experienced DevOps Engineer or SRE with a background in Computer Science or related fields - Proficient in Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, and ArgoCD with a problem-solving attitude - Strong communication skills in English, both written and spoken - Ability to work independently, collaboratively, and be reliable in a remote setting - Familiarity with blockchain infrastructure and a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies
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Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer (Full Time, Canada) - Remote Eligible
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