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Software Engineer - Machine Learning (ML/CV)

Build new ML training pipelines
Austin, Texas, United States
6 months ago


Creating a new form of air transportation.

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Software Engineer - Machine Learning (ML/CV)

Austin, TX
Software – Engineering /
/ Hybrid
At Skyways we are building a new form of air transportation. Some people call it the flying car. We believe fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles represent a unique opportunity to move things and ultimately people in new, more efficient ways. Our strategy to get there is completely different from the rest of the industry.

Skyways is a startup based in Austin, TX. We are backed by some of the most respected investors in Silicon Valley including YCombinator . Although we consider ourselves early-stage, we already have vehicles in production and in the hands of paying customers (see here and here ). Come join us and work on a transportation revolution to advance our civilization!

We are growing and looking for a ML/CV/AI Software Engineer to join our team.

Having a solid math/science foundation is critical for the role, since you'll need to understand and work with flight dynamics and also help support mechanical engineers by writing software for hardware test stands.

We are also looking for a candidate who is excited about things that fly, not afraid of tough engineering challenges, and eager and able to learn quickly and work in an extremely fast-paced startup environment.

STUDENTS/NEW GRADUATES: This job requires 3 years post graduation experience, new grad/internship openings are posted separately and applying here may misdirect your application for the roles you are qualified for!


    • work with more senior engineers to build new ML training pipelines, add features to existing systems, and fix bugs (Python)
    • write software for CV inference at the edge (C++ mostly)
    • go through design review process
    • reason about your decisions based on data (experiments, math/science)
    • maintain a clean codebase by doing code reviews, writing tests, utilizing continuous integration
    • learn and promote software engineering best practices
    • ship software to production (i.e. our aircraft but also network-based applications)
    • maintain production systems
    • work with flight ops to test your software and iterate/improve at high speed


    • education in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field -- a formal education isn't required but you'll be expected to know backend and low-level fundamentals
    • 2+ years of experience in ML (CV preferred)
    • familiarity with PyTorch or TensorFlow and training ML models
    • familiarity with inference (C++ preferred) and performance optimization at the edge
    • interest in aerospace
    • ability and willingness to learn a thousand things in a hundred days
    • be an awesome and friendly individual
    • be open minded to learn more about both software best practices and our field (your code will fly, it's a big deal)
    • bonus points if you have experience with software running onboard a vehicle/robot
    • bonus points if you have experience with flight controls / control theory
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Software Engineer - Machine Learning (ML/CV)
Austin, Texas, United States
About Skyways
Creating a new form of air transportation.