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Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote Eligible

Architect automated solutions for standing up on-demand environments in AWS.
2 months ago

✨ About The Role

- Lead a DevOps team and Community of Practice, architect automated solutions for on-demand environments in AWS, and provide best practices for CI/CD pipelines - Maintain existing AWS infrastructure and environments, handle application and system monitoring, and performance tuning - Interface daily with development teams and other departments, research new technologies, and implement performance and monitoring solutions - Work with a variety of tools and technologies including AWS, Windows server core, CentOS Linux, IIS, SQL, MongoDB, Terraform, Chef, Jenkins, and more - Contribute to the continued maturity of DevOps practices and culture within the organization

⚡ Requirements

- Experienced DevOps professional with a strong background in CI/CD pipelining and automation, ideally with 5-8 years of relevant industry experience - Skilled in designing, implementing, and automating systems and tools to facilitate the Software Development Life Cycle - Proficient in working with Microsoft technologies hosted in AWS and well-versed in DevOps practices and industry standard tools - Strong communicator with the ability to lead a DevOps team and collaborate effectively with development teams and other departments - Proven track record of implementing performance and monitoring solutions to enhance service dependability and reliability
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Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote Eligible
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